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Updated: Apr 30, 2019

march 14th 2016

מסע היוגה בנבכי האבל

The journey of life is a changing graph of joy and pain. On the pain side of the graph, there is grief, which does not appear only when we lose someone we love. Grief is there whenever we feel something was taken away from us, as an individual or as a part of our society. I have written before about "the pain of pain" but never connected the dotes to the grieving process. Suffering deep sorrow and pain without seeing a way out, means surrounding ourselves with grief. On the joy side of the graph there is pure bliss. Peaceful equanimity that has the power to eliminate suffering.

Along this spiral of life between pain and joy, we may be brave enough to stay and explore these different tides and elements of space within us and around. In different times and situations in life, we feel a glimpse of this space we will all be sharing one day. It can come in many shapes and colors. One of them is shear emptiness. It is our experience of all hopes and fears in life. It can terrify us as the dark side, or prevail to us as the enlightened one. The sweet part is, that the deeper we allow our selves to reach, the higher we will fly.

We are not who we were. We will never be less than what we are now, We can only be more. In the end, we will be something out of our conception, wider and deeper and more beautiful than our mind can imagine. What ever "you" or "I" is, will expend into places our body will never be a part of. Our mind and body are our loyal and true friends in this journey. If we'll feed them well, treat them well and ,in time, depart them well, they will take us towards that peaceful dimension.

As we evolve, and as gratitude expands, our practice will grow in and around us and hopefully will hold us through stormy days. With every departure we will experience, with every loss, whenever we dive deep and find ourselves on a verge of an inconceivable sorrow, we can trust our body, our mind, and our clear consciousness to carry us through what we know as true, all the way home.

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