An end is always a beginning

October 7th 2018

Yesterday we've watched the movie A Dog's Purpose. The impact it had on my 11 year old was as if he just awakened from a deep meditation. He went through different emotions that led us to a talk about life and death, about our souls and about reincarnation. He then wrote a letter to my mom, telling her that he misses her and that he is sorry for not having the chance to properly say goodbye. I told him that he can ask her if she can come and visit him in his dream, and I thought that this may bring him a closure. On October 6th 2015 my mom had shifted herself to a different dimension and I have found myself on a journey for this closure through words, through the practice of yoga, and through my own motherhood. This sense of self inquiry that holds compassion and a quest of living our purpose of life alongside the meaning of death, had brought me closer to her as well as to my own self, leaving an open road for love. This journey had manifest itself in many ways. One of them is ShevaYoga, where we encounter the waves of our mind and emotions through breath, movement and stillness, leading us to observe what is consisted and what is there to change. Each class I am thankful for my students to walk this path with me as I am thankful for my water lily mom for her endless presence in our lives. Yesterday, my son had walked me through a deeper kind of change in a consistent way of love. With a humble gratitude for motherhood, I woke up at 4:30am to realize that it's her new birthday today.

A day of departure is also a day of birth, even if we are not there yet to perceive this notion. There is no darkness without light as there is no end without a beginning. And something new begins today, a new kind of purpose.

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