what people are saying...

    Vered’s classes are varied, challenging yet approachable. Each class has a dynamic of its own, no two classes are alike. She is very sensitive, pays close attention to each individual and spot imperfections, taking the time to get each motion and position exactly right. Vered  has a deep understanding of the structure and goal of each exercise, which she shares and teaches. She helps people push beyond their perceived limits by gently helping in critical positions. Above all it is clear that yoga is a great passion for her, making her classes a spiritual experience as well.


Edna & Yaron K.

  Since I have started practicing with Vered I feel calmer, more patient and much more relaxed.  I enjoy waking up in the mornings and coming to her 6am classes. After the classes I feel much happier and less stressed at work and Coming home, I'm more relaxed with my  kids . In addition, I feel that my body is getting stronger and that my muscles are being nicely challenged. I feel very lucky being your student. 

Anna Z.

Thank you for coming to speak at our JFCS (Jewish Family and Children's Services)  intern workshop. Your insight of self care, relaxation and even Judaism in unexpected places were so interesting to hear about and really enriched our experience. Practicing yoga in the middle of the work week was such a welcome change for us to relax before work and before the intern graduation. Learn how to do headstands was so fun too! We really appreciate you taking the time to come speak, we got so much out of it. Thank you for providing a very unique and very significant workshop. 

JFCS, July 2018

    Your tenderness and your positive spirit , your exact demonstrations along with your instructions and constant observation, made my experience an excellent one. After your classes I feel complete calm, well worked and overall I experience  my body was well stretched and open for a new day. 


Dorit A.

 I  appreciate vered's structure of  class. she first find out how her students are feeling physically, and how we can adjust the exercise to benefit us and our bodies. she helps  position her students by using "hands-on" approach-- that way we can feel how the  yoga position is supposed to feel on our bodies. Vered takes the time to help her students achieve their maximum potential and gain building  blocks for the "future" ability of being able to get into a specific yoga positions. She  explains the benefits of the positions we are working on, which encourages me to try it .I love that she ends the class with the meditation and relaxation, it relaxes me and my muscles as well as centers me.   My body works and feels better after her class! I have attended and done other yoga classes in the past, but I gained the most from her classes!!  her encouragement and teaching style make it possible for me to do yoga and appreciate it! 

Danit  R.

Thank you for the class today! I want to share with you that thanks to your yoga classes my body was coping much better and ready for the ski season this year. I felt stronger and more energetic. My muscles didn't strain as before. As someone who use to practice for twenty years until two years ago,  I am grateful for opening your new studio and for your classes. Also, thank you for the sense of Yoga that you are brought back to me. My body and myself are thanking you. 

Hila R.

   Vered's classes are intimate, personal and very professional. They provide a systemic process, unique to each class. There is a connecting thread between classes, but this is not done in a ridged way, but rather a flexible one. During class there is a calming and a very welcoming atmosphere. I feel how my body is doing the work without over straining. After class, even if I came in tired or tense, I feel healthy and much more relaxed. Through these classes I understand how Yoga is so good for body, mind and soul. Vered is a very professional, honest, calm, flexible, smart and caring teacher. She listens to our requests and asks questions about our needs and wishes before each class. She shares her thoughts and plans before each class as well, and then brings the two together. Vered always makes sure we are safe and doing each posture correctly. If one of the people practicing is injured or feels pain in some place she will always explain how to do a certain posture in a tailor made safe way for that specific person. She make sure to go around class and check we are using our body in the best way possible It is very obvious that Vered loves Yoga and has been practicing it from a loving and compassionate place which she brings with her to class and to her students. I love having her as my teacher! 

Maya B.